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We are constantly striving to change the way people think and feel about our products.

Oxygen generators

The company’s PSA-type oxygen generators are capable of delivering oxygen with a purity of 93+2

Nitrogen generators

Nitrogen generators technology production in the PSA system is a method of production at the point of consumption.

Oil inject compressors

Oily air screw compressors are designed and manufactured in two types: direct scroll compressor and belt screw compressor

Compressors oil free

oil Free industrial Compressor,are used in  food and Medical industry.
we used the air for cooling and lubrication of the devices instead of oil in oil free compressors.

Company features

About the ways in which our innovation helps evolve expectations for businesses and producers alike. Learn more

Separator reservoir

The most important task of a condenser in a refrigeration system is to first separate the refrigerant from the refrigeration liquid and protect the compressor from damage due to possible liquid ingress into it

Medical air

medical air is used in various departments of the hospital, such as ICU, operating room, emergency room, neonatal, CDR and inpatient wards.


Production of screw compressors using the highest quality alloy and unique design


Production of various types of Reservoir and pressurized Reservoir with the highest pressure tolerance due to the use of top alloys and raw materials with high quality and accuracy.

Asa oxygen generators

Why you need to depend on others to get the oxygen while you can produce all the oxygen you need and where you can use it! The working principles of Asa Oxygen generators are based on PSA( pressure swing Adsorption) technology ،With the help of zeolite inside the oxygen towers, the nitrogen  molecules in the compressed air is separated from the oxygen, thus providing the highest purity of oxygen.

Why Asa Oxygen?

Asa Oxygen Company, due to the use of the most accurate modern tools in the world under the supervision of an experienced technical and engineering team and using the most up-to-date methods in production in accordance with international standards, tries to prevent the entry of similar foreign products and currency outflows. Asa Oxygen’s products are marketed with the highest quality level.