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Asa Oxygen Arka

The Technology Based on perfect relationships is always great

We provide high quality services throw highly skilled technical consultants

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Asa Oxygen Arka

Asa Oxygen Arka Company, aims to produce Iranian products with global quality in the field of industry

Production of oxygen generators with the highest quality in production and performance with the highest purity in oxygen output. All stages of design and construction, with the help of the most experienced design and technical teams and using the latest technology in the world, try to enter the global markets and prove the capabilities of Iranian youth in the global arena.

  • After sales services

According to the company’s goals, customer orientation is the most important  Asa Oxygen Industries Company is ready to serve customers all over the country 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Product installation
  • Providing repair services
  • Supply of spare parts online
  • Technical advice on the product
  • Applied training
  • Product warranty support

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2019 established year

Arka Oxygen Industries Company was established in 2019 by experienced engineers

2019 buy machine

In 2019 , Asa Oxygen Industries Company started to build the devices it needed

2019 products

Production of oxygen generating devices with the highest quality in production and performance with the highest purity in oxygen output at different powers and providing products with the highest level of design

2020 First order

In 2020, Asa Oxygen Industries launched its first order

2020 Recruitment

Asa Oxygen Arka Industries Company. started employing young Iranian engineers in 2020

2020 Development

Asa Oxygen Industries Company started to make progress in the field of oxygen production devices in 2020